Volume 21 no 2

CounterPunch Magazine, February 2014

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In this Issue:

  •  The Last Toxic Gasp of Nuclear Power: John LaForge takes an unflinching survey of the state of the nuclear power industry in the wake of Fukushima.
  • David Macaray charts the end of the middle class in America over the last 50 years: declining incomes, growing debts, and mounting insecurity.
  • Harry Browne recounts his journey by boat from Ireland to Wales to meet the family of Chelsea Manning
  • Lee Hall exposes the latest lethal scam of the cattle industry: a plan to slaughter elk in the Yellowstone country.
  • Jeffrey St. Clair on reading Camus in the time of drones
  • JoAnn Wypijewski on watching the Super Bowl with union laborers
  • Mike Whitney on the return of crappy mortgages
  • Chris Floyd on the selling and re-reselling of Bob Dylan
  • Kristin Kolb on the NYT’s poverty porn
  • Lee Ballinger on the art of Tiffany Gholar
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