Volume 21 no 1

CounterPunch Magazine, January 2014

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In this Issue:

  • How AIPAC Became King of the Hill: Jeffrey Blankfort’s searing history of the Israeli lobby in American politics
  • Darwin Bond-Graham writes a scathing profile of Motorola Solutions, a secretive spin-off of the tech giant which has quietly become the biggest corporate player in surveillance technology systems.
  • Lee Ballinger takes readers deep into the merciless machinery of the US criminal justice system from the perspective of jurors.
  • Ruth Fowler returns with a typically sharp class and race-oriented critique of the adoption craze currently trending among upper class white families.
  • John White, an Irish physicist and math whiz, puts the outrageous levels of economic inequality into sobering perspective.
  • Kim Nicolini with a trenchant assessment of how this year’s crop of Hollywood films portrayed the new economy of greed
  • Jeffrey St. Clair offers his list of the best books of 2013 as well as a column on how the coal industry is running roughshod over West Virginia.
  • JoAnn Wypijewski contributes a darkly comic account of being stranded in one of the nation’s most loathsome cities.
  • Mike Whitney offers a lament for the death of the American consumer.
  • Chris Floyd zeroes in on the most iconic (and chilling) moments of the Iraq war.
  • Kristin Kolb serves up a measure of hope from the streets of Seattle.
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