Volume 20 no 7

CounterPunch Magazine, July 2013

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In this Issue:

  • The Dark Side of the New Economy: Darwin Bond-Graham surveys the wreckage of the Bay Area, where the gap between the super-rich and everyone else has never been wider or more repulsive
  • Nader Looks Back: Laura Flanders goes one-on-one with Ralph Nader on his career, the minimum wage, the state of the American Left and his nostalgia for, yes, Richard Nixon
  • Truth and Lies in Afghanistan: Ruth Fowler reports from Kabul on life with drones and the Taliban as the US begins its slow withdrawal
  • Waste Culture: Kim Nicolini on the films of Harmony Korine
  • Darkness, Darkness: Jeffrey St. Clair on secret courts
  • Fireworks: JoAnn Wypijewski on the current state of Star Wars
  • The New Slave Market: Kristin Kolb on the great intern auction
  • Housing Red Alert: Mike Whitney on the looming crash of the housing market
  • Let’s Play Two by Lee Ballinger
  • Our Egregious E Pluribus Unum by Chris Floyd
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