Volume 20 no 4 – PDF


CounterPunch Magazine

April, 2013 Issue


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In this issue: WAR CRIMES AS POLICY – Douglas Valentine and Nicolas Davies detail the strategic use of torture and assassination by US forces during the Iraq War; RAVE ON: Lee Ballinger on the latest in the war on youth: police crackdowns on raves; THE AFGHAN WAR COMES HOME TO PHILLY: Dave Lindorff reports on the drone base in Philadelphia, which is now a legitimate target of Al Qaeda; FRACKING FRENZY HITS CALIFORNIA: Joshua Frank on the drive to frack the Monterrey Shale unrestrained by any environmental regulations; GOSPEL OF THE SLUMS: Daniel Edwards reports from Buenos Aires on Pope Francis’s hostility toward Liberation Theology during the Dirty War. PLUS: Jeffrey St. Clair on the GAME OF DRONES; Chris Ketcham on the ORIGINS OF MONOPOLIES; Kristin Kolb on the EDUCATION PRIVATIZERS; and Mike Whitney on BERNANKE’S SUBPRIME BONANZA. And much more… .