Volume 20 no 3 – Hardcopy


CounterPunch Magazine

March, 2013 Issue


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In this issue: BLIND FAITH IN DRONES – Tom Barry on the proliferation of drones, from the CIA to the military to the drug warriors; BIG BANG THEORY IN NORTH KOREA: Peter Lee on how the latest nuclear weapons tests might change the power dynamics on the Korean peninsula; AFGHANISTAN: THE GARDEN OF EMPIRES: Julien Mercille on opium, guns and counter-insurgency in Afghanistan; TALES OF A HOLLYWOOD SCREENWRITER: John Eskow gives an inside look at the decline of the American movie industry. Plus JEFFREY ST. CLAIR on Designer Protests and Vanity Arrests; KRISTIN KOLB on “Girls,” MIKE WHITNEY on Chavez’s economic legacy; RON JACOBS on Capitalism and Crime Fiction and LEE BALLINGER on Prison Music.