Volume 20 no 2

CounterPunch Magazine, February 2013

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In this Issue:

  • The Strange Saga of the Kissinger Papers: Historian Christopher Dietrich details the extraordinary lengths Henry Kissinger has taken to block public access to his papers.
  • A Short History of Right-to-Work Laws: labor journalist David Macaray charts the origins of the 60-year campaign to destroy organized labor.
  • Addicted? Has Big Pharma Got a Drug for You: Martha Rosenberg exposes the latest scheme from the drug industry.
  • Fracking and the Great Game: Steve Horn on the globalization of fracking
  • How Obama Defanged the EPA: Joshua Frank on the silencing of Lisa Jackson
  • Spying on Activists: Adam Federman reveals the concerted international campaign by intelligence agencies and police to infiltrate the radical environmental and animal rights movements.
  • Jeffrey St. Clair on the FBI’s latest entrapment case
  • Mike Whitney on Jack Lew
  • Christopher Ketcham on prosecutors gone amuck
  • Chris Floyd on the Professional Left and Obama
  • Lee Ballinger on the decline of record stores
  • Kim Nicolini on Beasts of the Southern Wild
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