The Inflection Election



Democracy or Fascism in 2024?


By Mark Green

Forward by Jamie Raskin

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The Inflection Election: Democracy or Fascism in 2024? aims to warn busy and credulous Americans that this November will be a choice between a Party of Progress and a Party of Dangerous Extremism that may determine the path for American governance for generations.


In a likely close 2024 national contest, The Inflection Election is an entertaining and informative manifesto that will become part of this year’s urgent political conversation. It is a one-stop primer that synthesizes fresh phrases, narratives and values to keep Democrats on offense and Trump’s MAGA party on-the-ropes. Green’s conclusion is that the GOP “sounds like a casting call for the delirious jury in the classic film Idiocracy, which was supposed to be a satire on reverse Darwinism, not reality TV.”


November 5, 2024 is either/or time. This book explains why.


Published by Skyhorse, April 30, 2024.  240 Pages.  Paperback