Biking with Bismarck


A Little Tour of France

By Matthew Stevenson

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From the author of The Revolution as a Dinner Party, Letters of Transit, and many other books comes this delightful account of a bicycle ride across France and the contours of French history.

Noted travel writer Matthew Stevenson sets out by train and bicycle from his home in Geneva, Switzerland, and rides from the battlefields of the Franco-Prussian War around Sedan to Paris, Tours, and Biarritz.

The book is an easy blend of travel, diplomatic history, literature, and French politics.

Along the way Stevenson sees the trenches around Verdun, the siege lines at Sedan, the cities of Paris and Orleans, and the haunts of Biarrtiz, which so enticed German Chancellor Bismarck.

Published by Odysseus Books, March, 2021.  Paperback, 134 pages.