American Casino – DVD


Written and directed by Leslie and Andrew Cockburn

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Six years after the crash, we still live with the disaster.  While Washington trumpets that all has been fixed, the financial casino reformed and controlled, millions of Americans are still walking wounded. Meanwhile, as ever, Wall Street eats the fat of the land. So how did it happen?  How did the bankers and their acolytes not only bring the economy to its knees, but carefully ensure that the very poorest of the 99% should suffer the most.  Find out the answer in the 89 searing minutes of American Casino, the film the New Yorker called “a lucid and comprehensive picture of a rotten system.”  American Casino was written and directed by Leslie and Andrew Cockburn and features Ben Bernanke, Sheila Dixon, Phil Gramm, Henry Paulson and Henry Waxman.

Produced by Table Rock Films, 2009

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