CounterPunch Media of the Day

Leonard Cohen on Moonlight

Temple of the Dog – War Pigs (Black Sabbath)

Are African Americans Ready for a Donald Trump Presidency?

The Doubt Machine: Inside the Koch Brothers’ War on Climate Science

Michael Hudson on Hillary Clinton and the US Elections

Greil Marcus on Bob Dylan

We Are Close to Our Goal, But Not There Yet!

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Wild L.A.

The Scourge of Neoliberalism w/ Henry Giroux

The US Media and Guatemala

Indian Givers…Young, Neil

Boyle Heights, Los Angeles Gentrification Activists Target High End Art Gallery

Chris Hedges and Cornel West in Conversation – Wages of Rebellion

“God, burn this book!” – Hillary Clinton

Jill Stein Spray Paints Occupation Bulldozer at Standing Rock North Dakota 6th September 2016

Ralph Nader in 2000 election (the same questions we ask in 2016)

Violence Erupts at Standing Rock Reservation

Shooting the Arrows in Throne of Blood

Donald Trump is Right, Many Blacks are Poor

Code Pink on Drafting Women into the Military

Jill Stein Censored on PBS NewsHour

Warren Hinckle: Editing Hunter S. Thompson and Birth of Gonzo Journalism in Tosca Café

Doug Peacock – Save the Yellowstone Grizzly

Now Age Conversations: “Propaganda and Fake Left Media” with Joshua Frank

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Chris Hedges Interviews CounterPuncher Rob Urie

Jill Stein on BDS and Israel

Ten Times Worse Than Hell: A Syrian Doctor on the Humanitarian Catastrophe in Aleppo

Ron Jacobs: Media spends time and money to make terrorists as celebrities

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News From Neptune

The Cockburn Brothers: The Press, the Military and the Soviet Union

Hillary Clinton’s Assassination Comment

Unbroken Ground

William Buckley interviews Huey Newton on Firing Line

The Kingdom of Survival – Joe Bageant

The Man Who Armed the Panthers

Norman Mailer on Marijuana and Whiskey

How Wolves Change Rivers

Reading ‘The Tyger’ to the Tigers

Andrew Cockburn: Modern War

Ralph Nader – Why Democrats Lose

Glen Ford Speaks about the Black “Mis-Leadership” Class

1998: Trump Comments On The Lewinsky Scandal

Trump’s Killer Kids

Donald Trump’s Most Idiotic Moments

John Trudell – Power Is In Your Heartbeat

Chris Hedges: The Algebra of Revolution

Paris Exhibit Examines History of Bastille Prison

Donald Trump’s AIPAC Full Speech

KRS-One – Sound of da Police

Why ‘Black Lives Matter’ Is Important

Peter Singer: “The Ethics of What We Eat”

Chris Hedges on What it Takes to be a Rebel in Modern Times

Wet’suwet’en Hereditary Chiefs’ Statement Against TransCanada

Dave Alvin and Phil Alvin – “World’s In A Bad Condition”

Free the Snake: Restoring America’s Greatest Salmon River

Buffalo Field Campaign and Wildlands Defense

Forests After Fire – Chad Hanson on Post-fire Forest Ecology

OGADEN: Ethiopia’s Hidden Shame

Van Morrison – Caravan, Live 1972

‘State of Surveillance’ with Edward Snowden

Mudhoney – Live on KEXP

Debate Noam Chomsky & Michel Foucault

Politico’s Hillary Clinton Puff Piece

Ralph Nader: How Progressives and Libertarians Are Taking on Corrupt Dems and Reps

Trump’s Racism In The Eighties

Hillary Clinton on Gaddafi: We Came, We Saw, He Died

The Health Dangers of Roundup

Nuclear Close Calls, Spin the Wheel!

Steve Horn: Clinton’s Fracking Flip Flop

Faithless – Muhammad Ali

Crude L.A.: California’s Urban Oil Fields

Great Recession Caused 500K Additional Cancer Deaths


“Paradise Lost” with Lijon Eknilang – Marshall Islands

A Dialogue on Israel and Palestine with Tariq Ali and Norman Finkelstein

James Bovard on the Cost of the War on Terror

I Need to Scream: What It Means to Be a Fan by Greil Marcus

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Guns, Drugs, & the CIA

Guy Clark – Desperados Waiting For A Train

Malcolm X: The Last Speech

Bill Clinton Talking like Trump on Immigration

Hunter S. Thompson meets a Hell’s Angel, 1967

Hillary Takes Millions From Fossil Fuel Industry, Lies About It

Assassinating Assange’s Character | Interview with Michael Ratner

Radiohead – Burn The Witch

Rev. William Alberts: “Prophets of the People or Chaplains of the Status Quo”

Abbie Hoffman on Yippie Tactics – 1968

Why Are Democrats “With” Hillary Clinton

A Personal History Of L.A. Punk: ‘It Was A Free-For-All For Outcasts’

The Radical Lives And Times Of Daniel And Philip Berrigan

Larry Wilmore at White House Correspondents’ Dinner 2016

Afghanistan After Us

Burning The Town Down – A Portrait of Mark Ruwedel

Hanford Seeks Possible Leak in 2nd Double-Walled Tank

Chernobyl: What Happened 30 Years Ago?

Prince – Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?

Trump’s Putin Fantasy

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Dr. Jill Stein – Symptoms of a Sick Society

Own A Smoking Willie Nelson Portrait by Leonard Peltier

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FOIA at 50