Trump is the Symptom, Clinton is the Disease

I asked you who is the lesser evil when even the Washington Post posits Hillary Clinton to the “political right” of Trump on international issues? And you responded: “So I guess I should vote for Trump?”

You are right that there are differences between the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates. No one recognizes that better than the ruling elites who are tripping over each other to join the Clinton bandwagon. More

Why Donald Trump is So Scary

In Mobile, Alabama Friday night Donald Trump gave his first substantial presentation (it’s hard to call it a “speech”) at what his campaign described as a “pep rally” in a football stadium before 30,000 adoring fans. I cannot find a transcript yet but have looked at the youtube video, pausing it occasionally while taking notes—just to get a sense of its structure and the flow of content. I will summarize it below.

As I watched and re-watched, I grew in the conviction that The Donald has gone from being mildly amusing (and occasionally refreshing, as when he exposes politicians for the bought-and-paid-for crowd they really are) to being positively dangerous. To the thinking person, the presentation was truly frightening. The rapturous response of the stupefied crowd made it more so. More

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