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Stan Malinowitz – Episode 107

This week Eric welcomes to the show author and academic Stan Malinowitz to discuss the recent elections in Colombia, among other important developments. The conversation begins with a rundown and analysis of the elections, including a profile of the two main candidates from the left and far right. Eric and Stan then discuss the recent wave of political assassinations, and what this means for the incoming administration and the people of Colombia. Additionally, Stan explains how neoliberalism manifests in Colombia, and how the economic situation will likely evolve under a far right wing government. The second half of the show focuses on Colombia’s role in regional and international issues, including the news that Colombia will be an observer-member of NATO. Eric and Stan also compare and contrast the right wing victory in Colombia with the victory of left-populist AMLO in Mexico. From Venezuela and Brazil to Nicaragua and Mexico, Colombia is a central actor in nearly every regional issue, and as such, commands our attention this week.

Music: Nouvelle Vague – “Guns of Brixton”

Rob Larson – Episode 106

This week Eric welcomes to the show author and academic Rob Larson to discuss his latest book “Capitalism vs. Freedom: The Toll Road to Serfdom” and the ideologies and politics that inspired it. Rob explains why he felt it was important to combat the pernicious influence of right wing economic ideas, and the discourse by which it is spread. Eric and Rob examine the origins of neoliberalism and modern far right economics, and how they were translated into policy, both domestically and internationally. The conversation explores ideas about the nature of freedom, the ruthless efficiency of capitalism and privatization, and the need for dictatorships to carry out right wing Friedmanite economic policies. The second half of the show discusses some contemporary political questions, whether the Trump administration is truly neoliberal, how anarcho-capitalists and neoliberals explain away the glaring holes in their theories, and so much more. Don’t miss this wide-ranging discussion.

Music: Max Romeo – “Socialism Is Love”

Aly Wane – Episode 105

This week Eric welcomes to the show undocumented activist and organizer Aly Wane to discuss refugees and migration, the Trump Administration’s policies at the border, and the political trajectory that brought us here. Aly and Eric discuss everything from the horrific, fascistic enforcement policy of the Orange Beast to the complicity of Democrats and liberals in creating the infrastructure that Trump now employs. The conversation explores the connection between the refugee/migration issue and US imperialism, and how that understanding is critical to building a true resistance movement. Aly provides valuable insights from his many years of activism, urging listeners and aspiring activists to mobilize and show true solidarity with the victims of the deportation machine. This wide-ranging interview should be heard by everyone who truly wants to learn from the experiences of our brothers and sisters most affected by this.

Music: Linton Kwesi Johnson – “Fite Dem Back”

John Ackerman – Episode 104

This time Eric welcomes to the show researcher and activist John Ackerman to discuss the upcoming Mexican elections, the issues at play, and the significance of these elections for the country and the region as a whole. The conversation begins with an in depth examination of the front-runner, left wing candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), his policy proposals, and the challenges he’ll face as president. Eric and John discuss where big capital fits into this, whether they’re united in their support of a candidate, and what a prospective AMLO presidency means for Mexico’s corporate elites. The second half of the show focuses on the regional political dynamics, and the importance of these elections for the whole of Latin America. From taming the dotard Trump to addressing endemic corruption, AMLO will have his hands full. And yet, he may very well be the hope of a resurgent left in Latin America. Don’t miss this informative discussion on CounterPunch Radio

Music: The Coup – “Ride the Fence”

Edna Bonhomme – Episode 103

This time Eric welcomes to the show scholar and activist Edna Bonhomme to discuss her research on Tunisia, and how that country – a flashpoint during the Arab Spring – has evolved since protests erupted in 2010. Edna explains how the country has undergone a process of militarization, and that the US and other western powers have been behind the military in its expansion. Eric and Edna touch on everything from the role of Tunisia in the migrant crisis, to the US AFRICOM initiative and how that manifests all over the African continent. The second half of the show explores the role of neoliberalism in Tunisia and North Africa, drawing historical parallels to other countries in the region including Egypt. Edna discusses some of the social gains made since 2010 as well forms of resistance emerging today and so much more. This wide-ranging discussion is well worth your time.

Music: The Coup – “Laugh/Love/Fuck”

Yassamine Mather – Episode 102

This week Eric welcomes to the show UK-based Iranian exile Yassamine Mather to discuss the latest developments in Iran and the Middle East. Eric and Yassamine begin with an analysis of the Iran nuclear agreement (JCPOA) and the decision by the Trump administration to violate the treaty. From there, the conversation explores some of the political, economic, and strategic context within which these latest events must be understood. Yassamine provides her perspective on the regional and global issues at play, especially against the backdrop of the war in Syria. The second half of the show explores the social unrest in Iran, and how the neocons and their allies would like to exploit it for regime change. Russia, Turkey, Lebanon, Hezbollah, ISIS, Saudi Arabia, and many other players occupy a spot on the chessboard. CounterPunch Radio is here to make the game understandable.

Music: Blackalicious – “Black Diamonds and Pearls”

Mike Fox – Episode 101

This time Eric welcomes back to the show Brazil-based journalist and researcher Mike Fox to discuss the latest political developments in that country as it witnesses social upheaval resulting from a political crisis. Mike and Eric discuss former President Lula’s dramatic surrender to the government, what the social movements have done in defense of Lula and democracy, and what it means for the future of the movements and the country. Mike explains how we got to this point, the role of the Temer government and its grand strategy, and what to expect in the upcoming elections, including a right wing in ascendance as a Trump-like figure emerges. The conversation also touches on the recent assassination of a prominent activist and leader and how that is connected to everything happening in the country. So many topics covered in this wide-ranging conversation…don’t miss it.

Music: Max Romeo – “Socialism Is Love”

Jeffrey St. Clair & Joshua Frank – Episode 100

This time Eric welcomes to the show CounterPunch editors Jeffrey St. Clair and Joshua Frank to mark the 100th episode of the podcast as the bombs of WWIII fall around us. While Jeff and Eric record from deep in their respective strongholds, Josh remains foolishly above ground, open to the elements and nuclear bombs. Nevertheless, the show must go on, so Eric, Jeff and Josh discuss everything from Trump’s bombs over Syria to Putinmania, from Democratic Party orcs to the Great Syria Meme War of 2017. The guys discuss CounterPunch’s close encounters with fake news and fake personas, the fractures and/or collapse of the Left, the total evisceration of regulatory agencies under Trump, and why the Degenerate-in-Chief is more like Bill Clinton than Barack Obama or George Bush. This was a fun conversation, don’t miss it!

Music: Jackson Browne – “Lawyers in Love”

Hawzhin Azeez – Episode 99

This week Eric welcomes back to the show Kobani-based political scientist and activist Hawzhin Azeez to discuss the Turkish invasion of Afrin, the general attack on Kurdish autonomy and sovereignty, the role of jihadis in this strategy, and so much more. The conversation begins with an analysis of the attack on Afrin (at time of recording, the main battle was still ongoing), and the Turkish motivations in doing so. From there, the Hawzhin and Eric touch on everything from anti-Kurdish propaganda from various quarters, the strategic calculus within which the Kurds are operating, and the role of foreign powers (US, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc). The second half of the discussion examines the response from the international left, media coverage of the war, and what concerned people around the world should be doing. So much ground covered in this wide-ranging conversation that goes in depth where most media outlets won’t dare. Don’t miss it!

Music: Max Romeo – “Socialism Is Love”

Dahr Jamail – Episode 98

This week Eric welcomes to the show author and journalist Dahr Jamail to discuss climate change, climate politics in the Age of Trump, and our responsibilities to future generations. The conversation begins with a discussion of the emotional and psychological impact of an issue as enormous as climate change, and how we can even discuss it without falling into despondency. From there, Eric and Dahr discuss everything from climate change trends to polar ice, the impact of methane, agriculture and food production, and so much more. The second half of the show features an examination of the impact that the Trump Administration has had on climate science and environmental regulation, as well as the increased influence of China in renewable energy and environmental responsibility. All this and so much more in this wide-ranging interview on CounterPunch Radio.

Music: Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings – This Land Is Your Land