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The Superhero Movies We Need

After reading Louis Proyect’s article on the superhero movies we don’t need, I thought I’d send you a few suggestions of superhero movies we do need. I’m thinking specifically of scripts based on the culturally significant visual-literary work of Gilbert Shelton. For a superhero saving the people from themselves story, I recommend: WONDER WARTHOG! For a Read more

It’s Trump Who Needs to be Deterred From War Not Iran

  It’s about time we wised up to what is going on in this utterly farcical “crisis” in the Gulf, this charade of lies and pomposity which Trump and his doggies in London are presenting to us. An American president who is a racist, misogynist, dishonest and psychologically disturbed man – assisted by two vicious Read more

Gulf of Tonkin ‘Crisis’, Iranian Style

The United States government is always beating the war drums; it’s what violent, rogue nations do. Currently, a non-issue in the Middle East is being seized upon as a threat to the mighty U.S. The headlines were sensational: ‘Saudi Arabia says Oil Tankers Attacked as Iranian Tensions Rise’. – Bloomberg ‘President Trump Warns Iran over Read more

The Biden Band-Aid: Will Democrats Contain the Insurgency?

The 2020 election horse race is beginning to take shape.  Unless something unexpected happens (e.g., impeachment, resignation), Trump will likely seek reelection as the Republican candidate.   A number of independents will seek third-party (e.g., Greens, Socialists) candidacy.  And then there are the Democrats. Numerous Democratic politicos are beginning to cluster behind the starting gate considering a primary run Read more

Saving Romania’s Brown Bears, Sharing Lessons About Coxistence, Conservation

David and I recently spent a couple weeks in the company of a group of Romanians who had come to the U.S. to learn what we had to offer about coexisting with grizzly bears, which are of the same species, Ursus arctos, as their local “brown bears.” They had come to Seeley Lake, Montana, for Read more

Republicans Go for the Short Win and Neglect Key Facts

Would pushing the Kavanaugh nomination through the Senate have long-term consequences on the mostly male politicians who support the judge and our governmental institutions?  Certainly. The following reasons suggest that more prudent decision-making should control this process in view of the long-term effects. 1.  The vetting process of Judge Kavanaugh is not over.  It will Read more

 A Very Intelligent Person

In the late 1980s, my secretary told me that the Deputy Chief of Staff wanted to see me. That was rather surprising. The army command was not on friendly terms with my paper, Haolam Hazeh. For dozens of years we had been officially boycotted by the army, after publishing a story which the then Chief Read more

Which Side Are Union “Leaders” On?

Teacher and school support worker strikes in West Virginia, Oklahoma, and Kentucky in the past two months, and now Arizona and Colorado, have shocked the nation.  The immediate causes have included low pay, overcrowded classes, and attacks on health benefits and pensions, but all of the strikes have targeted decades of worsening poverty and underfunding Read more

Land Conundrums: a Tale of Three Apartheids

The word apartheid achieved global notoriety during the height of White rule in South Africa.  It then extended at least to one other country where blatant state-sanctioned bigotry went hand in hand with “democracy”: Israel (1, 2).  The underlying creed fueling racist practices was White supremacy with its Eurocentric beginnings.  Racism historically informed much of Read more

How the Mass Media Misread the Iranian Protests

One of the largest social and political uprisings since the 1979 revolution in Iran has died down for now. However, due to the very lasting structures which ignited the first round of the protests, in more than 75 cites all around Iran, it does not seem to wane. One can argue that it is only Read more

And Now, A Prairie Home Sexual Harassment Complaint

America is in the middle of an agonizing reappraisal of sexual conduct. What constitutes sexual harassment or assault? Where is the line that separates acceptable, or merely rude, actions from unacceptable, and possibly criminal or civilly actionable, behavior? If you feel like this process has been dragging on for a year, you’re not alone. But Read more

“Frigid Farrah” and the Anti-Feminism of Sex Robots

News of “Frigid Farrah,” a setting on a newly advertised sex robot that is supposed to simulate rape fantasies has incited controversy over the existence of sex robots as technology gradually emerges toward widespread commercialism and accessibility for this new product. “Young Yoko” is also offered as a setting for statutory rape fantasies to be carried Read more

Is the Phoenix Rising From the Ashes in Syria?

Homs Governorate, Syria Local legend has it that it was in the Syrian Desert near present day Aleppo, some Egyptians claim otherwise, that a bird of unsurpassed beauty without equal lived for centuries and then suddenly suffered ferocious immolation. Miraculously to emerge from its still smoldering ashes with restored and even enhanced majesty. Currently visiting Read more

Greece Rejects the Troika

Just after 7 PM Greek time on Sunday, I was told that the “No” vote (Gk. Oxi) was winning approximately 60/40. The “opinion polls” showing a dead heat evidently were wrong. Bookies across Europe are reported to be losing their shirts for betting that the financial right wing could fool most Greeks into voting against their self-interest. The margin of victory shows that Greek voters were immune to the mainstream media’s misrepresentation during the week-long run-up as to whether to accept the troika’s demand for austerity to be conducted on anti-labor lines. More

Will FIFA’s World Cup Sexism Ever Die?

I suppose there’s a time and place for a $15 Budweiser. The ones that come to mind are when your plane has gone down in the Gobi and you have drunk all the jet fuel. Happily, when I encountered my first $15 Bud, it was merely at a sweltering game of the FIFA Women’s World Cup, which I attended in Vancouver. More happily still, I had brought a bottle of water and did not have to resort to the specious King of Beers.

As followers of World Cups will know, FIFA has long given Budweiser the exclusive right to sell beer at Cup games. For just as long, the monopoly has been held up as a symbol of FIFA’s greed and contempt for fans. (And worse: On learning that only Budweiser, not German beers, would be served at the 2006 World Cup in his country, Bavarian politician Franz Maget declared, “We have a duty to public welfare and must not poison visitors to World Cup venues.”) More

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