George Wuerthner

George Wuerthner has published 36 books including Wildfire: A Century of Failed Forest Policy. He serves on the board of the Western Watersheds Project.

The Parable of Isle Royale

Trapping, the Barbaric “Sport”

The Perverse Logic of Wolf Hunts

The Myth of Peak Oil

War on the Monuments

The Moral Corruption of Wolf Hunting

The Western Inferno

Of Wolves and the Ethical Hunter

Bison Slaughter in Yellowstone Begins Again

Livestock and Predators

Wolf Restoration

Of Wolves and Welfare Ranchers

Wolves, Oil, Bureaucrats and Judges

The Perils of Collaboration

The West Needs Wolves

Energy Sprawl

Let Wolves be Wolves

Playing Politics With the Fate of the Sage Grouse

A New Round of National Monuments?

Cows, Condos and All the Rest

The Thinning Trap

Why Grass-Fed Beef Won’t Save the Planet

Up in Smoke

Turning Montana Into the Nation’s Woodbox

The Unintended Consequences of Wolf Hunting