Ralph Nader

Ralph Nader is a consumer advocate, lawyer and author of Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us! 

Why Harvard Law School Matters: A New Critique

Trump’s War Against His Own Voters

Why is Nobelist Economist Richard Thaler so Jovial?

Obama: Too Cool for Trump’s Crises

How Big Corporations Game Our Democracy Into Their Plutocracy

Big Institutions—Immunities, Impunities and Insanities

The Censorious Vortex of the “Flash News” Barons

Destructive Stock Buybacks–That You Pay For

Needed – An Educational Institute to Extend Dick Gregory’s Legacies

Can the Politicians Heed the Lessons of Hurricane Harvey?

Barack Obama: What’s He Waiting For?

The 16 Year War in Afghanistan: Headlines Tell the Story

Will the Federal Civil Service Defend Us?

Will a Mega-Billionaire Rescue America from GOP’s Insurance Mayhem?

Can the World Defend Itself From Omnicide?

Detecting What Unravels Our Society – Bottom-up and Top-down

A Clarion Call for our Country’s Pillars to Demand Justice

The Destructive Power Trips of Amazon’s Boss

Driverless Cars: Hype, Hubris and Distractions

Closing Democracy’s Doors Until the People Open Them

Trump: Dumping More Prosecutors?

Obama: Launch Watchdogs in Washington

End the Greedy Silence – Enough Already

The Left/Right Challenge to the Failed “War on Drugs”

Schooling for Myths and Powerlessness

The Losing Warfare State

It’s About Bringing Your Congress Back Home, Citizens!

Trump’s 100 Days of Rage and Rapacity

What are the Super-Rich Democrats Waiting For?

The Savings and Stability of Public Banking

Self-Censored Questions by Career Questioners

Crash of Trumpcare Opens Door to Full Medicare for All

Reason and Justice Address Realities

“Making America Great” at Americans’ Expense

Bad Bob Goodlatte Blocks Your Day in Court

Breaking Through Power: It’s Easier Than We Think

Restricting People’s Use of Their Courts

E. Coli’s Message to President Trump

Citizens Getting Justice Done

George H. Haddad: Unsung Excellence in Medicine

An Open Letter to President-Elect Donald Trump

Open Letter to Attorney General Lynch: Prosecution or Guilty Pleas for Corporate Crime

Ready for the Jawboning Presidency of Donald Trump?

Why the Democrats Keep Losing the Congress

Breaking Through Power: It’s Easier Than We Think

Ken Bossong—“Favorite Sun”

Trump as Betrayer-in-Chief

The Jolting Graphic Novel of Our Times

Are You Ready for Democracy?

See the Super Bowl of Civic Action for the People

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