Ralph Nader

Ralph Nader is a consumer advocate, lawyer and author of Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us! 

Let’s Start a Kavanaugh Watch to Check All Five Corporate Judges

The Root of the Internet’s Disrepute: Online Advertising!

Gross Hospital Negligence Does Not Exempt Celebrities

Questions, Questions Where are the Answers?

Where is the Democrats’ Contract with America 2018?

Stop Brett Kavanaugh— A Corporation Masquerading as a Judge

Fifteen Ways the Democrats Can Lose the November Elections

Calling for Ten Million More Voters, a Few Billionaires, and a Just Congress

Going Fundamental Eludes Congressional Progressives

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook— Serf Labor, Overpriced iPhones, and Wasted Burning Profits

Why Not Tell Us Their Names?

Savers Alert: Tens of Billions of Higher Interest Dollars are Yours for the Asking

Warner Slack—Doctor for the People Forever

Universal Voting Dissolves the Obstacles Facing Voters

Recommendations for Engrossing Summer Reading and Viewing

Mugger Mick Mulvaney—Trump’s Sadist-in-Chief

The Unsurpassed Power trip by an Insuperable Control Freak

The Constitution and the Lawmen are Coming for Trump—He Laughs!

Slogan Voters – The Road to Political Masochism

Professional Societies: Corporate Service, or Public Services for You!

Audit the Outlaw Military Budget Draining America’s Necessities

Trump: Making America Dread Again

An Open Letter to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc.

Wake Up to Trump, Distraction and War with Iran

Citizen-Mayor Gayle Roars through Richmond California

Bill Curry on the Move against Public Corruption

The Hour is Late —Speak Out, Stand Tall Ex-Officials

Degrading Newspapers’ Business Sections

Stopping War Pusher John Bolton, Trump’s Choice for National “Insecurity” Advisor

Ten Million Americans Could Bring H.R. 676 into Reality Land—Relief for Anxiety, Dread and Fear

Ahoy America, Give Trump a Taste of His Own Medicine Starting on Trump Imitation Day

Heritage’s Corporate Lobby Inside Trump’s Government is Not the People’s Heritage

Experts for the People—Shut Out by the Mass Media

Absorbing the Irresistible Consumer Reports Magazine

Shernoff, Bidart, and Echeverria—Wide-Ranging Lawyers for the People

What is Stalling Wrongful Injury Lawyers?

The Paradox of Equal Justice

Look for Rate Cuts in Your Auto/Homeowner’s Insurance Coming Soon

Twitter Rock Star Obama’s Silence Must Delight Trump

An Open Letter to President Trump

Corporate Coercion and the Drive to Eliminate Buying with Cash

For Year End Charitable Giving—Some Favorites

Needed: A Meter for Trump’s Lies Per Minute (LPM)

What Does Trump Mean by “Make America Great Again”?

The Republicans’ Devious Tax Attack on the People

Be Aware of the Dark Side of Sports Media

National Democratic Party – Pole Vaulting Back into Place

The Rule of Power Over the Rule of Law

Public Cynicism Enables Costly Political Hypocrisy

The Serious Price of the Hyperconvenient Economy

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