Ralph Nader

Ralph Nader is a consumer advocate, lawyer and author of Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us! 

Why Do Americans Give Away So Much Control to Corporations?

Trump’s Broken Promises to His Voters – He Didn’t Deliver!

Can the Democratic Party Rev the Engines to Topple Tyrant Trump?

Democrats Must Demolish Trump’s Delusional Law-Breaking Dystopia

Democratic Convention: New Faces, Similar Policies

Needed: Indicators for Measuring Injustice and Societal Decay

Donald Trump is Defeating Himself

Speaker Nancy Pelosi Writes to Me!

Fed Guarantees Unproductive Debt and Perilous Speculation

Calls Mounting For Trump to Step Aside From Covid-19 Bungling

The Enduring Case for Demanding Trump’s Resignation

Trump and Pence – Step Aside for Professional Pandemic Scientists and Managers

Congress Must Hold President Trump Accountable!

From the Covid-19 Battle Can Come Unstoppable Citizen Power to Propel “Full Medicare for All” Through Congress

Moving Street Protests from Futility to Utility

Readers Think. Thinkers Read. A Summer Reading List

Governor Cuomo: Avoid Budget Cuts by Not Rebating Stock Sales Tax to Wall Street!

S. David Freeman: Seven Decades of Participating in Power for All of Us

Donald Trump, Resign Now for America’s Sake: This is No Time for a Dangerous, Law-breaking, Bungling, Ignorant Ship Captain

Trump: Letting Big Corporations Get Away with Whatever They Want

We Honor What We Value – Entertainers Over Saviors

The Uplifting Magic of Mother’s Day in These Perilous Days

Stopping Trump’s Demonic Reversals of the Long-term Benefits of the First Earth Day April 22, 1970

Cowardly Congress Chooses to be AWOL: Shouldn’t Our Elected Representatives be on the Job Providing Essential Services?

The Week We Should Not Forget for Our Own Sake

Trump’s 7 Pro-Contagion Reversals Increase the Coronavirus Toll

Out of the Coronavirus Crisis Can Come Efficient Historic Changes for Justice

For America’s Urgent Health and Safety, Trump Needs to Resign!

The Federal Reserve Dictatorship Runs Amok Against Savers

Trump Minimizing and Sugarcoating Coronavirus Perils

Trump vs. Sanders—Comparisons for Voters

American Fuhrer—Corrupt Rampage Against Americans

Three Major News Stories That Need To Be Exposed

“Democratic Socialism” – Bring it on Corporate Socialists!

The Vengeful, Lawless, Corporate Toady Trump Explodes

Misleading Categories and Trump’s Swamps

Pelosi’s Choice: Enough for Trump’s Impeachment but not going All Out for Removal

Trump: Making America Dread Again!

Full Impeachments for Trump will Shake Senate Republicans from Kangaroo Court

Democrats Cave in Secret Budget Deal with Trump

Boeing’s Perilous Bungling Requires New Leadership

Why Not Also Go With “The Kitchen Table” Impeachable Offenses for Removal?

Impeaching Trump for Deliberately Abetting the Climate Crisis Security Perils

Beware of the Medicare Disadvantage Corporate Trap – Wake Up AARP

The Most Impeachable President vs. The Most Hesitant Congress. What Are The Democrats Waiting For?

America’s Streets and Squares Are Waiting: Massive Rallies Work!

Axe the Max: Buffeting Boeing CEO’s Rope-a-Dope in Congress

Excluding the Civic Community Excludes Life-Savers

Where are the Influentials Who Find Trump Despicable?

The Congress Has to Draw the Line

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