Clarence Lusane

Clarence Lusane is an author, activist, scholar, and journalist. He is a Professor and former Chairman of Howard University’s Department of Political Science. He is author of many books. His latest is

Black MAGA Is Still MAGA

Donald Trump vs. the 14th Amendment

America’s Fascist Future If Trump Returns to Office

The Coming Crisis of 2025

The Political Rise of a New White Nationalism

Trump and DeSantis: Two Peas in a (White) Nationalist Pod

Andrew Jackson’s Face is a Meme for White Supremacy

Nikki Haley’s Diet-MAGA Problem

Racial Justice, Voting Rights, and Authoritarianism

The MAGAfication of America

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Nat’s Turner’s Revolt, 180 Years Later

Confederacy Redux?

Slavery, Jim Crow and the White House

Sold Brothers

From the White House to Obama’s House

Racism, Shirley Sherrod and the Obama White House