Phyllis Bennis, Jackson Lears and Jeffrey Sachs

Phyllis Bennis is a fellow of the Institute for Policy Studies and serves on the national board of Jewish Voice for Peace. Her most recent book is the 7th updated edition of Understanding the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict: A Primer (2018). Her other books include: Before & After: U.S. Foreign Policy and the War on Terror (2003) and Challenging Empire: How People, Governments, and the U.N. Defy U.S. Power (2005).

T.J. Jackson Lears is the Board of Governors Distinguished Professor of History at Rutgers University and the editor of Raritan: A Quarterly Review. Lears’s essays and reviews have appeared in The NationThe New RepublicThe London Review of Books, and The New York Review of Books. His books include Something for Nothing: Luck in AmericaFables of Abundance: A Cultural History of Advertising in America, which won the LA Times book prize for history; and most recently, Animal Spirits: The American Pursuit of Vitality from Camp Meeting to Wall Street.

Jeffrey D. Sachs is a University Professor and Director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University, where he directed The Earth Institute from 2002 until 2016. He has been advisor to three United Nations Secretaries-General, and currently serves as an SDG Advocate under Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. Sachs is the author, most recently, of A New Foreign Policy: Beyond American Exceptionalism (2020). Other books include: Building the New American Economy: Smart, Fair, and Sustainable (2017) and The Age of Sustainable Development (2015) with Ban Ki-moon.

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