Patrick Cockburn

Patrick Cockburn is the author of War in the Age of Trump (Verso).

"Do We Look Like Fighters?"

Another Day in "Post-War" Iraq

Guided Missile; Misguided War

The US Death Toll Mounts

"Our Day Has Come"

The Capture of Saddam

Saddam "Not Organizing" the Iraqi Resistance

The Bloodiest Day Yet for Americans in Iraq

In Baghdad, They are Naming Their Babies "Saddam"

US Troops Bulldoze Crops

The Iraq Wreck

Dead on the Fourth of July

Terror, Bush and Joseph Conrad

In Iraq, the Signs of Breakdown Are Everywhere

The Iraqi Quagmire

Ethnic Violence, Poverty and Misery in Northern Iraq

Slaughter on the Road to Dibagah

"Perhaps They’re Not Invincible"

Bribing the Way to War

Kurds Outraged by American Plans to Occupy Iraq

Iraqi Opposition Summit Papers Over Rivalries

Patrick Cockburn on Saddam

Putin’s Gas

Bombing Iraq

Bone Apart, the Remains of Napoleon’s Defeated Army

Bulldozing History

CIA Survey of Iraqi Airfields Heralds Attack

The Bombings That Made Putin A Hero

The Taliban’s War on Chess

Afghan Opium Trade Back in Business

Collapse of Georgia is Ignored by the World

The End of the Strangest War

“Don’t Blame the Taliban for Everything”

It’s About the Guns

Life in the Minefields

The Phoney War Will Get Real Very Soon

US Planes Pound Taliban Troops

US Bombs Northern Alliance

Northern Alliance Attacks US War Plan

The Battle of Mazar-i-Sharif

US Planes Pound Taliban Troops

The Battle for Mazar-i-Sharif Gets Nasty

War is only a secondary concern in a village that keeps being invaded

Alliance Calls for Bombing of Taliban Troops

A Flood of Refugees

Northern Alliance Says Attacks Seriously Weakened the Taliban

Flashes and Plumes of Fire

The Northern Alliance’s Airport

Taliban Cluster Bombs

In Afghanistan

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