Menachem Meir Stieglitz

Meir Stieglitz received a PhD in International Relations from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, an M.A in Political Theory and International Relations from U.C. Berkeley and a B.A. in Economics and International Relations from Hebrew University. Stieglitz did his Post-Doctoral as an adjunct fellow at the CSIA — Kennedy School of Government and at Harvard’s Economics Department.  Being a teacher of Universalism, Stieglitz’s studies, writings center on the aspects and implications –Philosophical, Theoretical, Geo-Political, Strategic, and Economic – of a fundamental query: Is Humanity Possible? Since 2003, in the background of the Iraq invasion, Dr. Stieglitz quit all his public and governmental positions in Israel (including weekly columns in leading Israeli newspapers, academic attachments, media appearances and lectures).

Cruelty and Evil: Two Phases of Immorality