Michael Welton

Michael Welton retired from Athabasca University.  His recent books include Unearthing Canada’s Hidden Past: a Short History of Adult Education and Adult Education a Precarious Age: The Hamburg Declaration revisited.

The Rediscovery of Civil Society: Perils and Potentials

Two Theories of Democracy

Honneth’s Resolution: Philosophical Grounding for the Emancipation of Labour

Communist Dictatorship in Our Midst

Studying the ABCs of Capitalism

What’s In It For Me? Turning Citizens Into Customers

The Serpent of Their Agonies

Adorno is Not a Cheery Guy

That Couldn’t Be True: Restorying and Reconciliation

Darkness Bringing Us Down

Teach the Children Well: the Unrealized Vision In Teaching and Learning in the Residential Schools

Native People: Changing Our Ways of Seeing

Education in the Service of Assimilation: The Founding Vision of Residential Schools in Canada

Haunted House: the Legacy of Residential Schools for Aboriginal Children

Liberalism as a Source of Trouble

Dreaming Their Sweet Dreams: a Peace to End Peace

The Deep Hurt: Lessons From American Coups

The War That Didn’t End All Wars

Art of the Monstrous: Burtynsky and the Anthropocene

Medieval Europe: Power and Splendor

The Fate of Yemen’s Baha’is

A Wake-Up Call to the Canadian Left

Infusing Civil Society With Hope for a Better World

Payam Akhavan’s Search for a Better World

Confronting Militarism is Early Twentieth Century Canada: the Woman’s International League for Peace and Freedom

Pedagogical Advice for Perilous Times

Violet McNaughton: the Mighty Mite Reformer From Saskatchewan

Building Occupational Security and Citizenship in the Age of Precarious

Disordering the World: the Rise of Neo-Liberalism

1980s: From Star Wars to the End of the Cold War

Participatory Democracy Requires Transformed Personalities

Henri Nouwen and Rembrandt’s Prodigal Son

Making Sense of Identity

Terror in the Name of God


Baha’is and Collective Decision-Making

Faith and the World: the Baha’i Vision

The Beautiful Iconoclast: Remembering Andre Gorz

Education for Knocking Things Down

Irreducible Orientations: Habermas’s Knowledge and Human Interests

Terry Eagleton: the Cheeky Marxist

Is History a Tale Full of Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing?

Habermas’ Contentious Concept: the Linguistification of the Sacred

Habermas on the Function of Religion in the Social Evolution of Humankind

Faith and Reason in the Post-Secular Age

Anthony Giddens and the Emergence of Life Politics

Vaclav Havel and the Power of the Powerless

Jurgen Habermas, the Last Philosophe

Lenin, Putin and Me

World Out of Joint: Wolfgang Streeck’s Vision of the End of Capitalism