Maximilian Werner

Maximilian Werner is an Associate Professor (Lecturer) of Writing and Rhetoric Studies at the University of Utah.  His most recent book is Wolves, Grizzlies, and Greenhorns: Death and Coexistence in the American West. Reach him at and @ProfMWerner.  

End Times on the Great Salt Lake

Wolves in the West are Collateral Damage of Human Selfishness

Ground Zero: Critical Social Justice and Its Discontents

On the Hook: War, Factory Farming, & the Lies We Tell to Make Them Possible

Defanging Nature: How Human Exceptionalism is Destroying the Wild

The Futile Search for Rarified Experience

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf: Textual Manipulations in Anti-wolf Rhetoric

Of Wolves, George Floyd, and the Limits of Human Empathy

The Deadlock of Predator Management in the American West

An Irrational Fear of Predators Drives Utah Politics

Leadership Lacking for Wolf Protection

The Night of Terror: Wyoming Game and Fish’s Latest Attempt to Close the Book on the Mark Uptain Tragedy

Why (Mostly) Men Trophy Hunt: a Biocultural Explanation

The Rhetoric and Reality of Death by Grizzly