Matt Meyer, Natalie Jeffers and David Ragland

Matt Meyer is coordinator of the War Resisters’ International Africa Support Network, and serves as a representative of the International Peace Research Association at the UN; he is a New York City-based author and educator, locally affiliated with the Resistance in Brooklyn collective. Natalie Jeffers is the founder/director of Matters of the Earth, a global social justice organisation that places creative, innovative tools into hands to educate and empower people in organising, strengthening and building movements. She is a London-based activist with the Black Lives Matter movement. David Ragland is a co- founder/co-director of the Truth Telling Project based in Ferguson, MO, and assistant professor of Peace and Conflict Studies at Juniata College. He is also a Board member of the Peace and Justice Studies Association.

Refusing to Choose Between Martin and Malcolm: Ferguson, Black Lives Matter, and a New Nonviolent Revolution