Mats Svensson

Mats Svensson’s new book, Apartheid is a Crime: Portrats of Israeli Occupation will be published in the USA on January 6, 2020.

She is the Best

The Autocratic Son-in-Law and His Madness 

Because We Are Thieves

Bewildered in Jerusalem

Madness in Hebron: Hashem Had No Enemies, Yet Hashem Was Hated

Morning in Palestine

The World Bank and the Palestinians

“Take Him Out!”

In the Shadow of the Wall

“Recently I Was Someone, Now I’m Nobody”

Encounter in Jerusalem

Apartheid on Two Continents

On the Beach in Tel Aviv

Who is a Terrorist?

For Fatima in Gaza

Longing in Gaza

The Order to Destroy has been Given

The Crimes Have No Period of Limitations

The Last Dance in Ramallah

Short Film Clips at a Checkpoint

The Devouring Dragon

The Red and White Bird in Gaza

Mental Barriers in Palestine

The Making of a Palestinian State

Walls, Tunnels and Daily Humiliations