Manuel García, Jr.

Manuel Garcia Jr, once a physicist, is now a lazy househusband who writes out his analyses of physical or societal problems or interactions. He can be reached at

End Game for Green Utopia

Why Remdesivir and Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19?

A Reply to Jeffrey St. Clair’s “Strange Things Happening Every Day”

Looking Past the Pandemic

The Conquerors of America

Life in the California COVID-19 Lockdown

Bernie Didn’t Lose the Last Debate, But We May Have

Don’t Trust Anyone Over 30 (40?), Says This 70 Year Old

Climate Change and Voting 2020

A Short History of Humanity’s Future

Mutually Assured Madness: Immunity to the 25th Amendment

A Measure of Societal Vitality

Climate Change at the Movies

CO2 and Climate Change, Old and New

Climate: From Catastrophe to Cataclysm

From Caesar’s Last Breath to Ours

What Should You Do About Climate Change?

Climate Change is a War Crime

The Truthiest Reality of Global Warming

Heartrending Antiwar Songs

Criminalated Warmongers

Life in the Ashes of Lotusland Dreams: the Kinkade Fire and the Future of California

The Superhero Movies We Need

I Rebel, Therefore We Exist

The Political Realities of Science Work

See “Official Secrets”

Night and Day, Being and Nonbeing

Thoughts on the El Paso Mass Murderer

Killer Heat Forever, From Our Fossil-Fueled Inertia

Ye Cannot Swerve Me: Moby-Dick and Climate Change

American Climate Change Policy: You Don’t Matter

Global Warming and Solar Minimum: a Response to Renee Parsons

Oil, Population, Temperature, What Causes What?

Our Globally Warming Civilization

Abortion: White Panic Over Demographic Dilution?

Too Many People, or Too Much Greed?

The Melting of the Fortress of Solitude

What’s Wrong With The United States?

Hail Ilhan Omar, Avatar of Truth!

Two Worlds

Facing Greta’s Climate Challenge

A Formula for U.S. Election Outcomes

Climate Change Action Would Kill Imperialism

The Inner Dimensions of Socialist Revolution

The Changing American Population, 1610-2010

Some Dimensions of Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence, 9-11 Climate Change Terrorism

The Ultimate Great American Novel

Publicly Subsidized Climate Change Insurance for Big Oil

Climate Change Bites Big Business

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