John Ross

JOHN ROSS’s El Monstruo – Dread & Redemption in Mexico City is now available at your local independent bookseller. Ross is plotting a monster book tour in 2010 – readers should direct possible venues to

Sleepwalking Through the Minefield

The Mexican Genome

The Song of the Guerrilla

Jurassic Fallout in Mexico

After the Honduran Coup

"Party of No" Set to Sweep Mexican Midterms

The New York Times and Stolen Elections

Sacrificed on the Altar of Neoliberalism

Undermining Mexico

Politics as Drugs / Drugs as Politics

Mexico’s Shock Doctrine

The Death of the American Newspaper

The War is Not Over

Teotihuacan Gets Mickey-Moused

Zapatista Villages Become Hot Tourist Destinations

Davos vs. Belem; Swine vs. Pearls

In My Own Bones

The Year No One Can Remember

Where’s al-Zaidi’s Pulitzer?

Writing a Thesis in Blood

Mexico’s Drug War Goes Down in Flames

Obama in Bedlam

Drilling vs. Direct Democracy in Mexico

Brad Will is Still Dead

No Child Left Behind, Mexican-Style