Binoy Kampmark

Binoy Kampmark was a Commonwealth Scholar at Selwyn College, Cambridge. He lectures at RMIT University, Melbourne. Email:

The Kafkaesque Imperium: Julian Assange and the Second Superseding Indictment

A Trendy Rage: Boycotting Facebook and the Stop Hate for Profit Campaign

Wasteful, Secret and Vicious: the Absurd Prosecution of Witness K and Bernard Collaery

Bolton’s Memoir Bolts from the Stable

Dangerous and Uncertain: Coronavirus and the Nuclear Industry

Secret Trials Down Under

The Narrative of the Leakers: “Collateral Murder” and the Assange Indictment

Corrupt Propositions: AstraZeneca, Public Institutions and the Coronavirus Vaccine Drive

Woked in Fright: The Brief Banning of Fawlty Towers

Trump at West Point: Un-Policing the World

Eternal Fixation: The Madeleine McCann Disappearance Show

To the Commercial Heavens We Go! SpaceX, NASA and Space Privatisation

Death, Protest and George Floyd

Sinister Flatulence: Trump Versus Twitter

Budget Cockups in the Time of Coronavirus

One Rule for Me and Another for Everyone Else: The Cummings Coronavirus Factor

Patterns of Compromise: The EasyJet Data Breach

Battles Over Barley: Australia, China and the Tariff Wars

Why Thinking Makes It So: Donald Trump’s Obamagate Fixation

Inglorious Bastardry: Hacking for Vaccines

The Mouse Roars: Australia, China and a Coronavirus Independent Inquiry

The Liabilities of History: the Dangers of Pandemic Compensation

Patriotic Vaccines: The Divided Coronavirus Cause

Tara Reade, the Democrats and Joe Biden’s Women Problem

The Rohingya in Malaysia: Coronavirus and Alibis for Paranoia

Brutal Choices: Anders Tegnell and Sweden’s Herd Immunity Goal

Scuttling New START: Trump’s China Distraction

Threatening the Governors: Barr’s Commercial and Civil Liberties Brief

Gossiping Over Kim Jong-Un

Climbing the Revenue Mountain: Google, Facebook and the Publishers’ Right

Settling Scores: Malcolm Turnbull’s Smaller Picture

Donald Trump’s Governor Problem

The Fire Fauci Brigade

Hell is Other People: Pandemic Lifestyles and Domestic Violence

Julian Assange: One Year in Belmarsh

Banal Terrors: Pandemics and the Ordinary Business of War

University Bailouts, Funding and Coronavirus

Boastful Pay Cuts: the Coronavirus Incentive

The Swedish Alternative: Coronavirus as a Grand Gamble

Barbaric Decisions: Coronavirus, Refusing Bail and Julian Assange

Business as Usual: Coronavirus, Iran and US Sanctions

The Pandemic Surveillance State

The Smugness of Celebrity Self-Isolation

Coronavirus as a Way of Life

Coronavirus Offerings and Job Losses

Crimes in Afghanistan: Fatou Bensouda’s Investigative Mission

Toilet Paper Blues: Coronavirus and Pandemic Pantries

Daring to Kiss: Coronavirus and the Butterfly Effect

Strong Man Legacies: Burying Mubarak

Mixed Returns for the Huawei Bashing Tour

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