Binoy Kampmark

Binoy Kampmark was a Commonwealth Scholar at Selwyn College, Cambridge. He lectures at RMIT University, Melbourne. Email:

Branding War

The Killing Initiative

The GOP’s Female Ticket

Using Film Propaganda to Scare Refugees

Using Propaganda to Scare Refugees

Using Drones Against Protesters

Refugees in Indefinite Detention

CIA Black Sites and Washington’s Allies

Doing the Nuclear Dance

Militia Woes in Iraq

Fractured Britain

Data Retention, Careless Leaks and the Public Interest

The Amanda Knox Case

Bone Worship and Richard III

Jeremy Clarkson, Top Gear and the BBC

Australia in Afghanistan

The Idiosyncratic Autocrat

Fear and Loathing in Israel

The Strange Case Against Abid Naseer

Bibi’s Last Gasp Electoral Promise

Gandhi on Parliament Square

Forgetting the UN

The GOP, Iran and Diplomatic Sabotage

Sending More Troops to the Middle East

John Brennan and Restructuring the CIA

The FCC, the Internet and Net Neutrality

Signalling for War

Families, Nuns and Nazis

The Emotion of Submarines

Skopje, Kitsch and Mother Teresa

The Language of the Siege

Wet Dreams About Churchill

Tony Abbott and the Islamic State

David Hicks and the Death of a Legal System

Demolishing Libya

Israel’s Nuclear Exceptionalism

Inconsistent on the Death Penalty

John Kiriakou, Torture and Whistleblowing

The Hostage Profit Motive

Australia’s Leadership Disease

The Elusiveness of Genocide

Peoples’ Tribunals and the Canadian Mining Sector

The Poverty Debate

The Knighting of Prince Philip

Syriza’s Challenge

Exonerating the CIA

Jean-Marie Le Pen and the West’s Predicament

The Rise and Hiccups of Uber

David Cameron’s Move Against Encryption

The “War” Against Radical Islam

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