Binoy Kampmark

Binoy Kampmark was a Commonwealth Scholar at Selwyn College, Cambridge. He lectures at RMIT University, Melbourne. Email:

Jousting Over Syria: Obama and Putin at the UN

“By Means Fair or Foul”: the British Army and Jeremy Corbyn

Trump and the Islam Question

Fortress Europe: Tear Gas on the Hungarian Border

Lip Reading in Corbyn’s Britain

The Fall of Tony Abbott

Pizza Danish, Franglais and Policing Language

Housing Misery in the World

Madness Down Under: Abbott’s Syrian Refugee Solution

Fearing Mohács: Orbán’s Hungarian Recipe for Refugees

Sieges in an Age of Austerity: Monitoring Julian Assange

Inside Emailgate: Hillary’s Latest Problem

Australian Border Force Gore

Tales of Darkness: Europe’s Refugee Woes

Live Death on Air: The Killings at WDBJ

Tourism’s Disaster Temptation: the Case of Nepal

Unrigging the System: Lawrence Lessig for US President?

John Kerry and the Exportation of US “Democracy” to Cuba

The Marginalization of Donald Trump

Out of the Closet: Fiorina and the China Threat

Robert Conquest and the Uses of History

The Corbyn Factor: The Transformation of Labour and British Politics

Bjørn Lomborg: Climate Change Asylum Seeker

The Turkish Mission: Reining in the Kurds

Stalling the Trans-Pacific Partnership: the Failure of the Hawai’i Talks

The TPP Trade Deal: of Sovereignty and Secrecy

Dead Again: the Latest Demise of Mullah Omar

Ransacking Malaysia: the Najib Corruption Dossier

Finding Aliens: SETI, Talking Lions and Wittgenstein

Shark “Attack”: Mick Fanning and Surfing with the Animals

Donald Trump and the Hero Complex

Expansion by Stealth: UK Strikes in Syria

The Wedge of Policy: the Iran Nuclear Deal and its Consequences

God, Australia’s Border Force and Medical Ethics

The Occupation of Greece: a Financial Coup d’État

Sealed In: Hungary, Immigration and Asylum

Hacking the Hacking Team: The Innards of the Surveillance Industry

Warrior Economist: the Varoufakis Legacy

Oxi in Greece

Austerity: Killing Greece (and the Idea of Europe)

The Austerity Junta and the Savaging of Greece

France and the NSA

The Silence of the Law

Chilling the Net

The Vatican Heats Up

Saudi Arabia, Propaganda and Control

Health Care and the TPP

The Mirror of Inflexibility

Eight Hundred Years of Forgetting

Paying the People Smugglers

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