Binoy Kampmark

Binoy Kampmark was a Commonwealth Scholar at Selwyn College, Cambridge. He lectures at RMIT University, Melbourne. Email:

Satrap Guilt: Australia, Iraq and the Chilcot Inquiry

The Eel of History: Hillary Clinton, Emailgate and the FBI

Crimes Against Peace: the Chilcot Inquiry, Tony Blair and Iraq

Who is Special Now? The Mythology Behind the US-British Relationship

Railroaded by the Supreme Court: the US Problem with Immigration

Texas, Abortion and the US Supreme Court

Brexit and the Neoliberal Revolt Against Jeremy Corbyn

Headaches of Empire: Brexit’s Effect on the United States

Parting Is Such Sweet Joy: Brexit Prevails!

Bernie Sanders, Purgatory and the Third Party Candidate

Warmongering and Necromancy: The US State Department Dissent on Syria

Dreams About Terrorists: Wolves, Wolf Packs and Resources

The London Bubble, Brexit and Smug Incompetence

Clipping Academic Freedom: Australian University Management

Saudi Arabia, UN Black Lists and Manipulating Human Rights

Modi in America

Defining Art: Pranks at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Dreams of Control: Israel, Global Censorship and the Internet

Colluding in Lies: the Brexit Debate

Emailgate: the Clinton Spin Doctors In Action

Sweden’s Assange Problem: The District Court Ruling

Trump and the Polls of Loathing

Turkey as Terror: the Role of Ankara in the Brexit Referendum

Suing Russia: Litigating over MH17

Eurovision as Politics

Michael Ratner: Missionary of Human Rights

Ugly London: The Mayoral Race

The Leicester City Miracle: Playing Against the Statistics

The Trump Train Chugs Along

Yuri Gagarin in Space: the Politics of Cosmic Discovery

Class, Football, and Blame: the Hillsborough Disaster Inquest

The Failed Cruz-Kasich Pact: Donald Trump and GOP Desperation

Anzac Day Memories: The Sullen Child of History

Meddlesome Empire: Obama and Client Britain’s EU Referendum

Mild Punishment and Exoneration: the Killing of Reza Barati

Ending the War on Terriers: Pistol, Boo and Judging Hollywood

Nauru, Suicide and Punishment

Attic Discoveries: Scrapping Over Caravaggio

Investigating the Banksters: The Australian Banking Industry

The Day Nemo Died: Coal, Bleaching and the Great Barrier Reef

Clash of the Ignobles: the IMF, the European Commission and Greek Debt

The Abuse of Privacy: Mossack Fonseca and the Panama Papers Leak

WMDs: Nuclear Summitry and ISIL “Madmen”

Bernie and the Superdelegates

The Problems with the Karadžić Verdict

The Sugar Wars and Nanny’s Demands

Overthrow by Pragmatism: Obama’s Cuban Strategy

Cruyff, Spectacle and Total Football

Terms of Terror: What the Brussels Attacks Mean

Brexit Versus Grexit: Hypocrisies in the European Project

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