Binoy Kampmark

Binoy Kampmark was a Commonwealth Scholar at Selwyn College, Cambridge. He lectures at RMIT University, Melbourne. Email:

Trump, Bolton and the Syrian Confusion

Dances of Disinformation: the Partisan Politics of the Integrity Initiative

Ice Matters: A Meditation on Snow

Gabon and Coup Mania

Biting into Apple: The Giant’s Revenues Fall

Brexit Armageddon

The Misuses of History: The Christmas 1914 Truce

Orbán’s Latest Dance

Leaving Syria: President Trump’s Withdrawal

May Days in Britain

The Kosovo Blunder: Moving Towards a Standing Army

The Case that Dare Not Speak Its Name: the Conviction of Cardinal Pell

William Blum: Anti-Imperial Advocate

Exhuming Franco: Spain’s Immemorial Divisions

The Bomb that Did Not Detonate: Julian Assange, Manafort and The Guardian

Lying About Age: The Legal Efforts of Emile Ratelband

Fanciful Notions: European Armies, Trump and NATO

Emmanuel Macron’s Fuel Problem

Unnecessary Fussing: China, the United States and APEC

Big Mouthed Blue-Eyes: Frank Sinatra in Australia

Charges Under Seal: US Prosecutors Get Busy With Julian Assange

The Disgruntled Former Prime Minister

Concepts of Nonsense: Australian Soft Power

Mid-Term Divisions: The Trump Take

Shark Attack: Fearing Monsters in the Whitsundays

Masquerading Reforms: The Tricks of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

Taxing the Digital Giants

Brazil Moves Right: the Rise of Jair Bolsonaro

Angela Merkel’s Last Days

The Arms Behind the Invictus Games

The Saudi Blueprint: Arms Sales and Assassinations

Ditching Nuclear Treaties: Trump Withdraws from the INF

Wentworth Blues: Another Nail in the Scomo Coffin

Leaking for Change: ASIO, Jakarta, and Australia’s Jerusalem Problem

The Tyranny of Fashion: Shredding Banksy

Agents of Chaos: Trump, the Federal Reserve and Andrew Jackson

Evacuating Nauru: Médecins Sans Frontières and Australia’s Refugee Dilemma

Faking It: the Return of Orson Welles

Barely Breathing: May’s Gasping Premiership

Limiting Israel: Russia Deploys the S-300 to Syria

Nostalgia and Sunshine: Bruce Beresford’s “Ladies in Black”

Tortured Solutions: Ecuador, the UK and Julian Assange’s Fate

Parasitic and Irrelevant: The University Vice Chancellor

Casting Kavanaugh: The Trump Supreme Court Drama

Deplatforming Germaine Greer

Needled Strawberries: Food Terrorism Down Under

Inconvenient Realities: Climate Change and the South Pacific

A Traditional Right: Jimmie Åkesson and the Sweden Democrats

The Natural Enemy: Serena Williams and the Sporting Umpire

Trump’s Mission of Distraction: Finding the Anonymous Author

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