Robert Fantina

Robert Fantina’s latest book is Empire, Racism and Genocide: a History of US Foreign Policy (Red Pill Press).

Israeli Crimes and World Hypocrisy

Life in Gaza Under Attack

Bias, Racism and the New York Times

Racism: Alive and Well In the U.S. and Israel

Tax Dollars, Detroit and Israel

The Corporate Gods of America

GOP Issues vs. Real Issues

The US, Cuba and Terrorism

Israeli Hypocrisy

The State of the Union, Obama-Style

Afghanistan and U.S. ‘Status of Forces Agreement’

John Kerry’s Political Posturing on Palestine

John Kerry’s Political Posturing on Palestine

Umbrellas and Drones

Obama, Israel and Palestine

Israel, Settlements and Democracy

The Republicans and the Palestinians

The Double Standard

Bullying and the Religious Right

The US, UNESCO and Palestine

The Lost Opportunities of Barack Obama

The Marketing of Rick Perry

American Hypocrisy at the UN

The New Christian Right and Christianity

Obama and Afghanistan

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