Vijay Prashad

Vijay Prashad’s most recent book is No Free Left: The Futures of Indian Communism (New Delhi: LeftWord Books, 2015).

A New Tahrir Square Moment?

Turkey’s Night of the Firebombs

Regime Change Refugees: On the Shores of Europe

The Return of Social Democracy?

Why the Iran Deal is Essential

Meet the New Israeli UN Ambassador: Yet Another Farcical Face of Modern Apartheid

The New Republican Machismo

Modi’s Scandals: a Delhi Diary

Welsh Rare Bits

G7: Currencies to Protect, Countries to Bomb

Western Callousness in Syria

In Memory of a Journalist

General Strike of the Rich Alumni

Letters to Palestine

Indian Communism and Its Futures

Black Bodies, Broken Worlds

Tears for Bhopal

The Death of a Reporter

Red Futures

Berkeley’s Faux Free Speech

What You Bomb

Libya and the Attack on Women

Football in Mosul

Iraq’s Night is Long

The Dangerous Compromises of a Harvard Professor

What About Chandana Kotal? More on Violence in West Bengal

What It Means to Campaign for the Left in West Bengal

A Primer for the Indian Elections

Al Qaeda’s Corridor Through Syria

Inside Bahrain After the Crackdown

A Flood of Refugees

Letter to a Syrian Friend

The Bitter End of the Arab Spring

Bradley Manning, Crimes Against Humanity and the Values of International Law

Alexander Cockburn’s Last Work

Qatar’s Bay’ah to the Saudi King

Death Sentences and the International Criminal Court

Women Amidst the Cordite

Blood and Oil

Zimmerman is a Domestic Drone

Letter to a Wound

Obama at Robben Island

The Art of Political Murder

The Case of Smithfield Pork

American Advice for Indian Growth

Among the Thugs

The Terror of Capitalism

Bengal’s Slide into Fascism

Mr. Modi Wants to Come to America

China Finds Its Place

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