Laura Carlsen

Laura Carlsen is the director of the Americas Program in Mexico City and advisor to Just Associates (JASS) .

Standing Up to NAFTA

Coming to Terms with Diversity in Bolivia

Plan Mexico and the Billion Dollar Drug Deal

Costa Rica and CAFTA

Extending NAFTA’s Reach

Reflections on the First US Social Forum

A Moratorium on Free Trade Agreements

Return to Sender

Mexico at Davos

Latin America’s Pink Tide?

Oaxaca Fights Back

Day of the Dead in Oaxaca

The World Needs Its Small Farmers

Building a Future in the Mixteca

Mexico’s Two Presidents

Bush and Latin America

Mexico on a Collision Course

Mexico’s Critical Moment

Mexico’s Election Lacks Credibility

A Choice for Change

Challenging Disparity

The Power of Corruption and the Corruption of Power

Bad Blood on the Border

Deciphering the Language of Globalization

What’s at Play at the WTO

Mexico’s Ill-Conceived Push for Free Trade

Two Decades of Aftershocks from 1985 Quake


CAFTA: Losing Proposition for the Hemisphere

"Red Alert" in Chiapas

An Anti-Cuba Terrorist is Still a Terrorist

Democracy Failing in Mexico

North American Summit as Traveling Stage Show

Women’s Rights Eroding in Latin America

Bush, Rice and Latin America

Latin America Shifts Left

Can the United States Ever be a Good Neighbor?

Wal-Mart vs. the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon

Protest and Populism in Latin America

Bush and Castro Face Off

George W. Bush: Persona Non Grata

NAFTA and the Zapatistas

The FTAA, a Broken Consensus

Latin America’s Archives of Terror

WTO Kills Farmers

The Militarization of the Americas

Democracy’s Future

Hunger and Security

NAFTA Plus or Minus?

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