Donalyn White – Anthony Ballas

Anthony Ballas is an organizer with NFEE Local 4935. He is a Ph.D. student in Literature at Duke and currently teaches philosophy and social sciences at Northern New Mexico College. His work appears in numerous publications such as Protean Magazine, Truthout, Caribbean Quarterly, Monthly Review, 3:AM Magazine, and elswhere. He is currently co-authoring a volume on the rise of neo-fascism with Gerald Horne. Ballas hosts the De Facto Podcast and co-hosts Cold War Cinema. Find him on Twitter @tonyjballas.
Donalyn White is a community organizer and social justice activist. They are a Ph.D. student in the Cultural Studies Department at Claremont Graduate University studying radical love and liberation. They are currently an adjunct instructor in the Department of Rhetoric and Communication Studies at the University of La Verne.

Settler Colonialism and the Engineering of Historical Amnesia