Robby Sherwin

Robby Sherwin is a writer/photographer who lives in the Coachella Valley near Palm Springs, CA. His roaming mind is what is keeping him sane in these strange, dark, times.  Send him a thought and he will likely expound on it.  His past and future musing may be found at

Righteous Rage

An Assault by Any Other Name

Here’s an Idea

Rabbi, Rabbi, Where For Art Thou Rabbi?

The Hat

Facebook: This Is Where I Leave You

What Do We Do About Facebook?

Waiting for Frank: My Sinatra, His Way

A Good Husband Makes a Good Wife: How the Supremes Saved Marriage and Didn’t Even Know It

The Idiom and the Idiocy of CNN’s Brooke Baldwin

Screens: the New Plague

Gavin Newsom in Wonderland

Death in the Time of the Internet

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