Yves Engler

Yves Engler’s latest book is ‪Canada in Africa: 300 years of Aid and Exploitation.

Canada, Get Out of the Lima Group, Core Group and OAS

Organization of American States in Bolivia and Haiti

Canada Backs Coup Against Bolivia’s President

Haitian Revolt Targeting Canada

RCMP Attempt to Silence Critics of Trudeau Foreign Policy

Canada and Bolsonaro

Trudeau’s Nukes

Media Ignoring US Officials Saying Trudeau Adopts “America First” foreign policy

Trudeau’s Anti-Palestinianism

Canada Against Cuba and Venezuela

Canada’s Meddling in Venezuela

Canada’s Minister of Defence is an Arms Pusher

On Media and Rwanda

Understanding How Canadian Diplomats Shape the News

Canada and the Venezuela Coup Attempt

The Raptors and Paul Kagame

The Neo-Nazis in Canada’s Military

Canada and Saudi Arabia: Friends or Enemies?

Smearing Dimitri Lascaris

The Original 9/11: 45 Years After Pinochet’s Coup

Will Trudeau Stand Up to Mohammad bin Salman?

The Fairy Tale About Capitalism

Lying Diplomacy

Ottawa’s Foreign Policy Swamp

Colony or Settler State?

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