Ana Fores Tamayo

Ana M. Fores Tamayo is a former Ph.D candidate in Comparative Literature at New York University. She never completed her Ph.D. because motherhood got in the way—tenure and parenting do not mix. Thus she switched fields and worked in academic publishing for over 20 years. She missed academia, however, and decided to return, only to be shocked to find the Ivory Tower inhospitable to most educators. It did not take her long to take up the cause for contingent faculty. She began a petition for Adjunct Justice, now with almost 7000 signatures, which grew into a Facebook forum for adjuncts to connect and organize. Fores Tamayo is part of the Board of Directors for the New Faculty Majority, trying to raise awareness and dedicated to advancing professional equity for adjunct and contingent faculty. She presented a paper on such issues at the Democracy and Education Convention held in Madison, Wisconsin in August 2013, and has written various articles concerning the adjunct’s plight, including a Letter to the Pope, which has been published in various places across the Internet.

Adjunct Justice