Deepak Tripathi

Deepak Tripathi is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland. His works can be found at: and he can be reached at

Reflections on a Savage Decade

MI6, Oil and Libya’s Torture Chambers

The Libyan Fiasco

Obama the Counter-Revolutionary

The Law of the Jungle

India’s High Stakes Foreign Policy

The Dwindling of Afghanistan’s Coalition of the Willing

The Obama-McChyrstal Showdown

American Afflictions

Charlie Wilson’s Legacy

A Great Military Triumph?

Rebuff to Karzai or Occupying Powers?

Compromised Domestic Policy, Militarized Foreign Policy

The Axis of Evil and the Great Satan

Getting Away With Torture

Obama’s Policy on China and Iran

A Culture of Abuse

Pakistan in Crisis

The Pakistan Enigma

The BBC’s Day of Shame

Bush, as He Leaves

Gaza in Perspective

Obama’s Foreign Crises

Uproar in Police-State Britain

A Revolution to Remember

Post-Bush Scenarios

The West is Broke

A Bitter Harvest in Afghanistan

Politics, Morality and the GOP

The Race for the White House

Pakistan in Uncertain Times

A New Age of Torture

A New Age of Torture

A Pawn in Their Game

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