John Stauber

John Stauber is an independent writer, activist and author.  His books include Toxic Sludge Is Good for YouMad Cow USA and Weapons of Mass Deception.  In 1993 he founded the Center for Media and Democracy to exposed corporate, political and media propaganda campaigns.  He retired from the Center in 2008.

Blessed Unrest

Democratic Spin Won’t End the War in Iraq

Why Won’t MoveOn Move Forward?

"Victory in Iraq"

"Vets for Freedom" Fight for Rove and Lieberman

John Rendon’s Long, Strange Trip in the Terror Wars

Mad Cow in America

Oprah Not the Only "Mad Cow in America"

Put a Photo of Mad Cow #2 on a Milk Carton

How to Bury a Mad Cow

Mad Cow USA

How PR Sold the Gulf War

Big Food/Tobacco/Booze Lobbyist Attacks “Mad Cow USA” and Author

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