Uri Avnery

URI AVNERY is an Israeli writer and peace activist with Gush Shalom. He is a contributor to CounterPunch’s book The Politics of Anti-Semitism.

Olmert Agonistes

America’s Rottweiler

Good Morning, Elijahu!

The 155th Victim

From Mania to Depression

What the Hell has Happened to the Israeli Army?

Who? Me?!

The Junkies of War

The Black Flag

Knife in the Back

In the Gunsight: Syria

The Invasion of Lebanon

Is Beirut Burning?

“Stop That Shit!”

A One-Sided War

The World Cup and Middle East Peace

The World Cup and Middle East Peace

Olmert the Fox

The Bink Wink

What the Hell has Happened?

The Missing Word

To Talk with Hamas

Pity the Orphan

The Post-Sharon Landscape

The Peretz Shuffle

Sharon’s Victory

Who Murdered Arafat?

The March of the Orange Shirts

"Silence is Filth"

The War of the Colors in Israel

Red Herring

Wagner at the Holocaust Memorial

Death of a Myth

The Persecution of Mordechai Vanunu

The 100 Days of Abu Mazen

Djinn in the Box

Bush’s Guru

The Next Crusades

"Sharm-al-Sheikh, We Have Come Back Again"

The Stalemate

King George

How the Hell Did This Happen?

The Mountain and the Mouse

The Boss Has Gone Crazy

Widow of Opportunity?

"Give Me Some Credit!"

Rejoice Not

On the Road to Civil War

Ariel Sharon’s Worldview

The New Cult of the Temple

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