Tariq Ali

Tariq Ali is the author of The Obama Syndrome (Verso).

Adieu, Blair, Adieu

The Khyber Impasse

Neoliberalism and War in Italy

Saddam at the End of a Rope

The War is Lost

Venezuela and the Bolivarian Dream

A Bavarian Provocation

High-Octane Rocket-Rattling Against Tehran Won’t Work

On the Death of Pramoedya Ananta Toer

The Karachi Social Forum

"The Real Threat is from Imperial Fundamentalism"

God, Blood, Oil and Iraq

The Lost John Lennon Interview

Blair Defeated on Terror Laws

Pakistan Will Never Forget This Horror

Free the Cuban Five

Terror and Democracy

The War Comes Home

An Isolated Regime

The London Bombings

Making the Noises Politicians Don’t Want to Hear

The Anti-War Front and the British Elections

Imperial Delusions

The Importance of Hugo Chávez

Withdrawal of Foreign Troops is the Only Solution

Getting Away With Murder in Iraq

The Iraqi Resistance: a New Phase

Notes on Anti-Semitism, Zionism and Palestine

The Bloody Price of US Primacy in Iraq

A Patriarch of Arab Literature

Empire and Resistance, an Interview with Tariq Ali

America’s Best Political Newsletter

The Same Old Racket in Iraq

Resistance and Independence in Iraq

Occupied Iraq Will Never Know Peace

an Interview with Tariq Ali

Recolonizing Iraq

A Naked Display of Imperial Power

The Soft Underbelly of the British Peace Movement

Regime Change, Here and Iraq

Travel Diary from a Post-9/11 World

Taking It to London’s Streets

Bush and the Romans

Letter to a Young Muslim

Who Really Killed Daniel Pearl?

Attacking Iraq Brings Nuke Holocaust Closer

Attacking Iraq Brings Nuke Holocaust Closer

The New Empire Loyalists

Mullahs and Heretics

Kurds are Freedom Fighters in Iraq, Terrorists in Turkey. The Political Status of Iranian Kurds Is Unclear…

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