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Teaching Palestinian Children to Love Beethoven, Bizet, and Mozart is a Threat to a Depraved Israeli Society

Can Israelis Broaden Their Protests Beyond Netanyahu?

Human Rights Defenders: Palestinian Eyewitness Testimony of the Execution of Abdul Fattah al-Sharif by Israeli Soldier, Elor Azaria

List of Targets Leaked: Israel Fears the Worst in ICC Investigation of War Crimes

‘Feeding a Bedouin’: Roy Oz and Israel’s Outrageous Racism 

Why Palestinian-Israeli Prisoners Exchange Deal Could Happen Soon?

Israel’s Jewish National Fund is Uprooting Palestinians – Not Planting Trees

Good News from Washington: AIPAC, Israel Losing to Progressive Democrats

Beautiful Hagia Sophia: Between the Sacred and the Profane; Turkey Is Condemned, While Israel Gets a Pass

Time’s Up Israel: Get Your Knee Off Palestine’s Neck

Forging Greater Israel: Annexation by Any Other Name

On Israel’s Bizarre Definitions: The West Bank is Already Annexed

Chokehold on Diplomat Exposes Israel’s Special Type of Apartheid

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