We Can Have Either Billionaires or Democracy. Not Both.

The wealthy are so secure in the protections they have from democratic curbs on their financial power that their biggest worries, as per the UBS report, include “geopolitical tensions,” inflation, recession, and higher interest rates. Fears around a “tight jobs market” and “stricter sustainability rules,” fall low on their list. In other words, they feel secure against threats of wage rebellions and government regulations. More

Richard Falk on Kissinger’s Foreign Policy

issinger’s success arose from his limitations—he was thought at Harvard to be neither learned nor smart enough to succeed in academia but more intelligent and literate than the typical journalist or policy wonk. It is little known that Kissinger after completing his graduate studies at Harvard had what must have been the disappointing fate of reportedly not receiving a single offer to join a university faculty. More

Kissinger: “The World’s Most Dangerous Man”

After the New York Times begn publishing “The Pentagon Papers” on June 13, 1971, National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger told President Richard M. Nixon that Daniel Ellsberg was “the most dangerous man in America and that he must be stopped at all costs.”  Nixon was not inclined to seek legal action against Ellsberg and the Times, but Kissinger convinced the president to do so.  Kissinger was never tarred with the crimes of Watergate, but his obsession with Ellsberg contributed to the worst aspects of Watergate. More

Sasabe Notebook: Big Contracts, New Border Walls, and a Humanitarian Crisis

The term the Democrats have used for continuing to build onto Trump’s wall has been “filling gaps,” as if the border wall were missing part of a tooth and now needed a crown. One of the recently filled “gaps” was much closer to Sasabe, and was precisely the place where asylum seekers had been arriving. But after the new wall, this was no longer possible. The new portions were colored gray—not rust—and the bollards had a time stamp on them that said 09/26/23. Spencer Construction had barely built it. While Biden didn’t put up a commemorative plaque as Trump had, this was his border wall More