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Killing Herrhausen

A Veteran for Peace

When was the last time a foreign army invaded the United States? When was the last time our “national security’ was really at stake? Was it Mexico in 1846? Spain in 1898? Even Germany in 1940 could not cross 30 miles of English Channel. By what means could it cross the Atlantic Ocean to fall upon Boston? I was taught as a schoolchild that the United States had gone to war against Hitler and Japan for the sake of freedom and democracy and in the case of Germany to save the Jews. But these were falsehoods as were the fabrications that brought us the Korean War, Vietnam and the so-called war on terror that really provided pretext for war in Iraq and Afghanistan. More

Mass Yellowstone Bison Kill: Who Pulls the Trigger and Why?

Make no mistake, these days the Montana Department of Livestock is sitting back enjoying the spectacle of watching what should be natural allies – tribal nations and bison conservationists — attacking each other while one-third of Yellowstone’s buffalo are killed. It’s all playing out in their favor, having tribal hunters do the agency’s dirty work of keeping America’s National Mammal penned up within the borders of Yellowstone National Park.  More

Aggression Made Easy

We’re in a situation where, unfortunately, across a lot of the political spectrum, including some of the left, folks think that you have to choose between aligning yourself with U.S. foreign policy and its acts of aggression or Russian foreign policy and its acts of aggression. Personally, I think it’s both appropriate and necessary to condemn war on Ukraine, and Washington’s hypocrisy doesn’t in any way let Russia off the hook. By the same token, Russia’s aggression shouldn’t let the United States off the hook for the tremendous carnage we’ve created in this century. I mean, if you add up the numbers, in the last nearly twenty-five years, the country by far the most responsible for slaughtering more people in more lands through wars of aggression is… yes, the United States of America. More