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White Supremacy is the Virus; Police are the Vector

Tensions are high as Minneapolis police murdered a black man named George Floyd, not by gunshot, but by an agonizingly long kneel on his neck; which was not released for seven minutes, several of which the man was not breathing. Protest is a place to emerge into the collective and become unoriginal, to humble yourself in silence as others more aware with said experience lead the charge. However, writing should be the place for originality. A place where we solve the problems of theory that informs action. More

What’s NATO Up to These Days? Provoking Russia, Draining Healthcare Budgets and Protecting Its Own from COVID

In November 2019, as experts warned that a novel coronavirus was likely to develop in the near-future, NATO boasted that its European Allies, including the UK, as well as Canada, were boosting their military budgets by an average of 4.6 percent, or an additional $130bn since 2016. The implication is that this increase in military spending is at the expense of healthcare, which is being privatized worldwide. More

Bibles at the Barricades: How the Right Seized Power in Bolivia

Returning to La Paz, Bolivia after last November’s coup was like returning to the scene of a crime. Since Bolivian President Evo Morales was removed from power, right-wing interim President Jeanine Áñez has led the country with an iron fist. State repression immediately following the coup left dozens dead and the government has been throwing More

This Week on CounterPunch Radio
Richard Wolff

    • HOST: Eric Draitser
    • GUEST: Richard Wolff
    • TOPICS: Unemployment, systemic failures, and the future of capitalism in the Age of COVID.

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Jennifer Matsui on the privatization of the surveillance state. Cuba vs. COVID: Charles McKelvey reports from Havana on the Cuban medical mission to stop a pandemic. Yemen, the War Goes On: Charles Pierson documents rising human toll a forgotten war. Upton Sinclair, Socialist: Jonah Raskin revisits the muckraker’s run for governor of California. American Death Cults, Now and Then: Jeffrey St. Clair at Barker Ranch. Will Germany and Russia Reshape Europe? Gaither Stewart writes from Rome on a new alliance. Plus: Timothy Messer-Kruse on historians, slavery and the American Revolution, Chris Floyd on how the Tories blew the COVID crisis, Pete Dolack on why capitalism can’t deal with a crisis, Lucy Schiller on reality TV under lockdown and Lee Ballinger revisits the 1992 murder of Latasha Harlins in LA.