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Locked Up: Crime and Punishment in America

Broadly speaking, states with weaker gun laws see higher rates of deaths from guns, whether murders or suicides, than states with tighter laws. But it’s also true the vast majority of crimes involving guns are committed by illegally possessed guns, not guns legally owned. More

Ukraine Pays the Price for Great Power Tantrums

Russian imperialism and American imperialism are today, as they were during the original Cold War, much more alike than they are different. And our ruling elites are much more alike than different. They are committed to empowering and enriching themselves and their friends, without regard to the human costs. Historically, it has been left to the peace movement to begin discussions on the human costs, and those discussions have been met with a predictable response: the anti-war movement is smeared as making apologies for Russia, as aiding a foreign enemy. More

Optimism of the Will

What can we do about it? The only tools available, like it or not, are education and organization. There’s no other way. It means trying to revive an authentic labor movement of the kind that, in the past, was in the forefront of moves toward social justice. It also means organizing other popular movements, carrying out educational efforts to combat the murderous anti-vaccine campaigns now going on, making sure that there are serious efforts to deal with the climate crisis, mobilizing against the bipartisan commitment to increase dangerous military spending and provocative actions against China. More

High-Value US Asset “Fat Leonard” Arrested in Venezuela – Possible Prisoner Swap

“Fat Leonard” had friends in high places. By 2017, 60 admirals were among the 440 people who have come under US judicial scrutiny. According to the official US Naval Institute’s USNI News, the initial co-conspirators derisively labeled themselves “the cool kids” and “the wolf pack.” Commander Mike Mickiewicz, an officer who was later convicted, told Defense News, Francis “was a crook, but he was our crook.” More