July 2024

Redefining Ceasefire as Bloodbath

Running on Empty

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Biden’s Dog Day Afternoon

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The American Enabling Act

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Religious Long Cons and the Levers of Power

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In Search of an Honest Democrat

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U.S. Policy Toward Cuba Three Years on from July 11

DC Power Politics

Milei as the Argentine Messiah After the Failure of the Intellectuals

Who Thinks Donald Trump Is Racist?

Libraries are Cornerstones of Our Communities and They Need Our Help

The Empire, Not Just Biden, Has Dementia

Democrat Enablers: What did Democrats know about Biden’s Health Issues, When Did They Know It, and What Did They Do?

NATO Still Needs to Go

The French Did It, We Can Too

Big Food, Big Pharma, Big Nightmare: An Interview with Martha Rosenberg

What Can We Do?

The Federal Minimum Wage is Too Damn Low and Has Been for Too Damn Long

Practicing the Past

Exposing the Myth of the ‘Good War’

 The Theme of the Quest: Gilgamesh and Enkidu as Prototypes for Hemingway’s Robert Jordan, Frederic Henry, and Santiago

Architecture of Cities: Migrating Monarch

Swatting at the Noose of Cynicism

The Second Coming?

Ugh! Ban the Flamethrowers, World-Wide!!

Settler Colonialism and the Engineering of Historical Amnesia

The Collapse of the “Vital Center” and the Return of Politics

Fascism at the Gates

Thanks to a Massive Mobilization of the Left in France, the Far Right Cannot Control the Government

Doug Burgum is Trump’s Likely VP Choice.  Here’s Why

Trendy Appointments: Australia’s Special Antisemitism Envoy

Letter from London: 9 Songs (with apologies to Michael Winterbottom)

Swedish Unions in Crisis

Alakaʻi Kapānui and Fatima Abed

The UK’s Major Political Shifts

Judgment Day for America’s Worst Supreme Court Justice

In Westminster at Last: The Threat of Nigel Farage

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Time for the Fed to Cut Interest Rates

Open letter to the President of Switzerland, Ms Viola Amherd

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[Ryan] Grim News

This Absurd Election Choice Should Have Us Thundering in the Streets