Re-Writing D-Day

At the end of WWII, it was generally recognized that the Soviet Union and saved Europe.. Russians killed  80% of all German soldiers.  The Nazi invasion of Russia, biggest military onslaught in history, happened 3 years before D-Day. During these three years  Russia begged the UK and the US to open a western front. However, by the time they responded, Russia had already turned the tide, and was pushing the Nazis steadily to the German border.

In Germany’s “Ostplan” to conquer Russia,  Slavs were “untermenschen”, to be exterminated. Germany intended to claim its Lebensraum and repopulate the resource-rich land. Nine million  Russians were imprisoned in unsheltered concentration camps. Over four million were exterminated In this way. Altogether 27 million Russians died in the war.

Since then, US propaganda has erased the memory of Russian heroism during WWII.  Most people now believe the  US-UK invasion of Normandy won the war.

Russia is no longer Communist: it’s “as bourgeois as the West” as Putin puts it.

However, Slavs seem to be on NATO’s death list just as they were on Hitler’s. In its provocation of the war, NATO has already killed three-quarters of a million, ever nearer to the much-invoked “last Ukrainian”. Biden’s speech on D Day was a malevolent, war-mongering rewrite of history.  And  Zelensky, nearby, ubiquitous as the devil, used WWII as a metaphor for his own tragedy, revealing himself again as a pitiful NATO tool, in the traitorous act of destroying his own country.

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